What makes us different?

Spa 170 West is directed and supervised by facial plastic surgeon Stephen W. Perkins, MD and plastic surgeon Bruce W. Van Natta, MD (both of Meridian Plastic Surgeons) and facial plastic surgeon Mark M. Hamilton, MD. They are international leaders in the field of plastic surgery for the face and body, actively participate in cutting-edge clinical research and conduct  fellowship programs.

Spa 170 West employs licensed medical estheticians and a professional staff dedicated to service excellence. And, unlike many other spas, our plastic surgeons are always on site. Together as a team, we provide safe, superior care to our patients, balancing technical expertise with warmth and dedication.

Our goal is to offer the latest non-surgical treatments that are safe, have been studied clinically and provide patients with the most natural-looking results. We also offer a variety of top brand medical-grade skincare products, as well as our private line, Med Elements.

This private line was created by Dr. Perkins and Dr. Van Natta along with our estheticians, in conjunction with a Food and Drug Administration representative and a private cosmeceutical lab, with optimal patient outcomes in mind. Med Elements products are economically affordable and, therefore, easier to use by a larger variety of patients with differing skin sensitivities.

Meet Our Spa 170 West Staff

Michele Gates, Spa Manager and Licensed Medical Esthetician

Jamie Marshall, Licensed Medical Esthetician

Inna Klevitsky, RN and Licensed Cosmetologist