Cost-Effective Skincare Products

If you think you have to spend hundreds of dollars for great skincare products, no worries. At Spa 170 West, we offer medical-grade products that are effective and affordable. 

Why Not Buy Products At the Store?

Inexpensive drugstore products generally aren’t strong enough to be as effective as medical-grade and often contain ingredients that can dry or irritate the skin. So, while you may only spend $10 or $20 for one product, you get what you pay for. On the flip side, department store upscale brand products can be quite pricey – and there is no guarantee they are effective. You may be paying higher prices for the high-end brand names. And, some of these products contain ingredients that are not necessarily beneficial to your skin.

Great Skincare Begins With 5 Products

Keep in mind that great skincare starts with 5 basic products: Cleanser, Antioxidant (usually containing Vitamin C), Sunscreen, Exfoliant (typically containing Retinol or AHA) and Moisturizer.

We offer two types of products at Spa 170 West: our own medical-grade skincare line called Med Elements and a select few medical-grade brands such as Epionce, Skin Medica and PCA. Medical-grade means the products must be sold under the supervision of a physician or surgeon and have the highest amounts of active ingredients.

Med Elements products were developed by Dr. Stephen Perkins and Dr. Bruce Van Natta here at Meridian Plastic Surgeons, in conjunction with a private cosmeceutical lab. This enabled them to control the ingredients for effectiveness and safety purposes. Med Elements products are reasonably priced and are appropriate for all skin types. They are especially effective for patients who have had facial plastic surgery procedures or have sensitive skin issues. Med Elements won’t be as inexpensive as what you find in the drugstore, but they will compare on the lower pricing end of what is available at the department stores. Even better, they are manufactured in the U.S. under the supervision of our plastic surgeons.

Interested In a Price Comparison?

We did some shopping. Here’s what we found.

Med Elements Tea Tree Foaming Wash: $19 (6 oz)
Med Elements Lavender Creamy Cleanser: $24 (6 oz.)
Compare these to department store brand cleansers that can range from $18 to $85.

Med Elements Advanced Retinol Crème: $60 (1 oz.)
Compare this to department store brand creams that can range from $65 to $125.

Med Elements Multi-Complex Night Creme: $75 (1.7 oz.)
Compare this to department store brand night creams that can range from $52 to $660.

Med Elements Super Serum Daily Antioxidant: $95 (1 oz.)
Compare this to department store brand antioxidant serums that can range from $85 to $165.

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Don’t Forget To Wear Sunscreen!

The Med Elements line doesn’t include sunscreen, but we carry some of our favorite medical-grade brands. Stop in to see the selection, or call us at 317.558.1541.